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Last week I was contacted by a film maker who is making a series of music videos for Jonathan Coulton songs. His plan is to make one a week for ten weeks. I have just viewed the first 4, and they are awesome.

Just because he is making one video a week doesn't mean he is cutting corners on production values either, each video is very unique. So far there is a video with action figures, sock puppets, people in Ikea and a stop motion one. I for one can't wait to see the remaining 6. He is basically doing what I would have love to do, if I'd had the time and talent.

Also on the website is behind the scenes details on how the videos were made.

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Jonathan played 6 of the new song from his upcoming studio album last week on Thursday and Friday, and some people got it on video and posted it on YouTube, here is one such playlist:


I'm still watching them for the first time for myself.

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I have just got an email from the guys at Big Think. They have just published a video interview with Jonathan, and in response to one question, he expanded on something he announce a few weeks ago on his blog.

The question in question is here:

What’s next for you?


To see the rest of the interview in full:

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I set up a website for the Jonathan Coulton Adventures, and then ran out of time to make it look how I wanted, so you'll just need to deal with how it looks at the moment.

The adventure game is going to replace the JoCo I made videos anymore....I will probably post live videos at some point, like when he returns to the UK later this year...I mean when JoCo returns to the UK.

Also, I have turned on moderating of comments on the site, but I doubt I will bother. I just got fed up of all the WOW gold adverts, so it is 100% their fault, and anyone buying gold from them is as much to blame.
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I have a plan to take the Jonathan Coulton Project in a new direction. It will mean buying a new domain name.

Online adventure game. Anyone out there who can help with any of the following contact me at
I need help with the whole project, but the most useful would be:
  • Story Writers (or just ideas)
  • Graphics
  • Voice Recording (anyone with a microphone and some time can do this)
Even if you don't know how you can help, if you would like to help, just email me, and I'll find something you can do, even if it is just someone to bounce ideas off.
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Ok, enough is enough. All you spam people, stop leaving comments on my posts. All I do is delete them as soon as I get the email telling me they are left. It's wasting both of our time.

Anyone have any ideas how I can stop this stupidity?
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Jonathan appeared on The Daily Show last night. He didn't sing, just played guitar in the background for a John Hodgeman section.

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Happy first of may, and to celebrate the coming of spring, why not watch a first of may video....

My Video:

Spiff's Video:

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I don't normally speak out on issues like this, but I feel I have to.

Virgin Media, one of the big UK ISPs has stated they will start charging companies that have high bandwidth services, and if they don't pay, they will limit Virgin Medias bandwidth to them. There has been a great deal of dicsussion on Net Neutrality, but Virgin Media are the first company to publicly declare they will do this.

Even if you don't live in the UK, even if you aren't a Virgin Media customer, we all need to speak up now, as if Virgin Media do this, it will be a sign to all the other ISPs that their customers will let this happen, and then it will be too late.

Stop Virgin Media

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Drag the icon in to your software (i.e. iTunes)




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