Jonathan has just announced on his site that the UK tour is booked, well the London one is.

You can get tickets from

The full plan (but not final) is:

Oct 24: Dublin
Oct 25: Glasgow
Oct 29: Manchester
Oct 30: London - Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Oct 31: Nottingham - Game City
Nov 1: Oxford

Time to book a week off work I think.

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So the UK concert happend, and it was the best.

I managed to get some video, although the video quality is very dodgy, the audio is fine:

Over There -

The Saturday Boy (Billy Bragg cover) -

A bit of banter when Jonatha returns to the stage to find presents -

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Anyone who has been visiting my site for about 2 years will remember me trying to arrange a UK tour, well dispite my best attempts I couldn't pull it off. Jonathan assured me he would cross the big pond to perform.

Well Jonathan is clearly a man of his word, as on March 20th (that is the day before Good Friday) he will be performing, for one night only in London at a place called Dingbats.

Book your tickets now, before they sell out. Only just under 500, and I think it will sell out (it will if I have anything to do with it!):

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Welcome to everyone, but especially the people visiting after hearing my audio comment on the DSC 436.

The UK Tour link is at the top of the page, or you can email me at

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I had a dream. A dream that we UK fans could work together to get Jonathan Coulton to play over here (or should that be 'over there'?)

And after some thought, I think it can be done.

Jonathan has told me if we can organise the gigs that at least cover his costs (travel and accommedation) he will play the UK.

Now this isn't a zanny as it might first appear!

All we need to do is have a handful of gigs and the cost will be covered. And universities are always looking for good entertainment.

I will certainly arrange a gig in Cambridge, and some other venues.

The Jonathan Coulton UK Tour can happen!

I have penciled in the gigs for November 10th until the 18th.

If anyone wishes to help in anyway, I would be greatful of any help.

Anyone who has access to venues, publicity, or experience in organising gigs. If you have the power to put Jonathan on a radio station somewhere in the UK, contact me, as the destinations are yet to be decided, and publicity in an area would be a very good reason to go somewhere.

Also, if anyone wishes to be the supporting act, the position is currently open. This could be your only chance to be the supporting act for JoCo.

If you want to help, or just provide moral support, email the Jonathan Coulton Project at

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