This week Jason from VidAWeek has a video for My Beige Bear. I know another one about toys!

Don't forget to visit Jasons site!

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Another week another video from Jason over at VidAWeek.

This week we have Ikea.

Oh and Jason tells me that he will probably do more videos that the original 10 he planned...I guess he likes making awesome videos.

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Jason Merin over at "Vid A Week" has made a fair number of videos for Jonathan Coulton songs, and here is the video from week 2, "When You Go", on your iPod (or other compatible device).

I recommend visiting the site if you enjoyed this video for behind the scenes details on how it was made and to see the other videos weeks before you'll see them here.

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A few weeks ago I posted about the great videos that Jason Merin was making every week over at his blog "Vid A Week". Well I have got Jason to send me versions ready for you lucky guys to view on your iPhone and iPod. I still recommend viewing them at his website, but here is the video from week 1, Skullcrusher Mountain.

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Last week I was contacted by a film maker who is making a series of music videos for Jonathan Coulton songs. His plan is to make one a week for ten weeks. I have just viewed the first 4, and they are awesome.

Just because he is making one video a week doesn't mean he is cutting corners on production values either, each video is very unique. So far there is a video with action figures, sock puppets, people in Ikea and a stop motion one. I for one can't wait to see the remaining 6. He is basically doing what I would have love to do, if I'd had the time and talent.

Also on the website is behind the scenes details on how the videos were made.

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