After a small outage on the official Jonathan Coulton forums, it was decided a back up place to chat may be required, so as a stop gap solution it was decided here was the place to go, so if the official forums are down, and you want to chat about JoCo stuff, post in the comments of this entry on my site.

I have sent up a forum on a free site, I suggest that is used:

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Hey guys,

I think this is really funny.

This video on YouTube is how to 'Hack' Jonathan's site to get his music for free:

<EDIT: The guy removed the video, probably out of shame for having JoCo as the first post>

Guess who got the first comment on it....Jonathan.

The only way it could have been funnier is if Jonathan's original comment had been allowed through:

This is where he explians how to get the music from his site for free, that he doesn't care if people get his music for free, and why the default is to ask for money.

Other than Jonathan getting the 'First' comment, my favourite comment was 'Wow! Can you tell us how to get the new Radiohead release?' by mtgordon

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Drag the icon in to your software (i.e. iTunes)




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