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While Jonathan was in the UK in October, I was luck enough to get to video him in the science museum. Here is part 2 of a 2 part video.
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Download: iPod (Part 1) WMV (Full Video)

While Jonathan was in the UK in October, I was luck enough to get to video him in the science museum. Here is part 1 of a 2 part video. I hope you enjoy it. You are getting extra at the start than people on You Tube get, as I made a last minute choice to cut some of the start due to bad audio quality.
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There is a contest on and 'I' have entered a video. Actually, it is a video by Spiff, but the contest was only open to UK residents, so I am the named Author. This is within the rules, we checked.

Vote Here:

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Jonathan appeared on The Daily Show last night. He didn't sing, just played guitar in the background for a John Hodgeman section.

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Jonathan has just announced on his site that the UK tour is booked, well the London one is.

You can get tickets from

The full plan (but not final) is:

Oct 24: Dublin
Oct 25: Glasgow
Oct 29: Manchester
Oct 30: London - Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Oct 31: Nottingham - Game City
Nov 1: Oxford

Time to book a week off work I think.

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Happy first of may, and to celebrate the coming of spring, why not watch a first of may video....

My Video:

Spiff's Video:

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I don't normally speak out on issues like this, but I feel I have to.

Virgin Media, one of the big UK ISPs has stated they will start charging companies that have high bandwidth services, and if they don't pay, they will limit Virgin Medias bandwidth to them. There has been a great deal of dicsussion on Net Neutrality, but Virgin Media are the first company to publicly declare they will do this.

Even if you don't live in the UK, even if you aren't a Virgin Media customer, we all need to speak up now, as if Virgin Media do this, it will be a sign to all the other ISPs that their customers will let this happen, and then it will be too late.

Stop Virgin Media

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So the UK concert happend, and it was the best.

I managed to get some video, although the video quality is very dodgy, the audio is fine:

Over There -

The Saturday Boy (Billy Bragg cover) -

A bit of banter when Jonatha returns to the stage to find presents -

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Anyone who has been visiting my site for about 2 years will remember me trying to arrange a UK tour, well dispite my best attempts I couldn't pull it off. Jonathan assured me he would cross the big pond to perform.

Well Jonathan is clearly a man of his word, as on March 20th (that is the day before Good Friday) he will be performing, for one night only in London at a place called Dingbats.

Book your tickets now, before they sell out. Only just under 500, and I think it will sell out (it will if I have anything to do with it!):

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I recently got an iPhone, and was not happy to find iTunes in the UK don't support ring tones.

After much investigation, I finally found a way to get Jonathan Coulton songs on my iPhone as ring tones on the PC for iTunes version 7.6.

1. Open your music file in your sound editor (e.g. Audacity), and crop it down to 40 seconds or less, if not already, then save.
2. Convert the file to an mp4 (using dvdvideosoft - video to iphone mp4 converter, yes video! -
3. Rename the file with an m4r extension (make sure you first uncheck “hide extensions of known file types? in tools -> folder options -> view, or in Vista, Organise -> Folder and Search Options -> View Tab -> Untick Hide extensions for known types)
4. Drag the m4r file to your iTunes Ringtones window

Or you can download these and simply drag them to the ring tones window of iTunes:

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Drag the icon in to your software (i.e. iTunes)




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