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This is the alternative version of the Mr Fancy Pants video.

It was shot at the same time as the original Mr Fancy Pants video that I released earlier this week, but had a different director.

I would like to thank all the people that made both of these videos possible. Including all our friends that joined in at the 'Award Giving' and also to Jinx, who supplied the Bedazzeler that spurred me on to actually doing the video as I had said I would about 12 months earlier. (If you hate it, you can blame her ;)

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Just a quick post to point out that last years Ecard is still active and working. Just press the little envelope on the side menu.

Or the one in this post:

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It has an awesome video made by Tom for Chiron Beta Prime. It is still my favourite video.

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This is my version of the Mr Fancy Pants video. There is another version to come later in the week that is by the other major contributor to my video. But which one is better?

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I was thinking. Is there any musician or song writer in the world that has written more songs about monkeys that Jonathan Coulton?

To date he has writen 5 (one is pending release) and named an album with Monkey in the title.

Off the album "Smoking Monkey" there is:

  • De-evolving - About de-evolving back to being a monkey
  • Overhead - "I'm sick or your smile, your nothing to say. Your monkey, your middle"

Off the album "Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow" there is:

  • Skullcrusher Mountain - That has a half pony half monkey monster (with too many monkeys)

Then from thing a week there is:

  • Code Monkey
  • My Monkey

And from the aftermath (I only just got that joke...mandelbrot set!) there is

  • My Beige Bear - Supporting stuffed toy is an indigo monkey

So many monkeys! Is there any song writer or singer that has more songs about monkeys?

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