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Finally the day has arrived. All you Americans have given your thanks, and now we can look forward to Christmas!

And to celebrate Thomas Ellsworth has spent weeks with Flash making a video for Chiron Beta Prime, which can be found in it original Flash from here, but so all you podcast subscribers don't miss out, I have spent a fair amount of time myself converting the Flash movie to the usual formats.

On showing the video to Jonathan he had an idea to make it part of an ecard for the holidays, and so I toiled away making an ecard system.

This video is awesome, I think you will all agree. Send the ecards to all your friends and lets make this Christmas and Jonathan Coulton Christmas!

And a huge thanks to Len from Jawbone Radio (and of Visual Thing a Week fame) for contributing 3 new images to the ecards, dispite being very busy.

So what are you waiting for? Send ecards to everyone you know!

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Everyone should visit the site on the 24th for the big release, and it won't be just a video. That's all I'm saying for now!

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Jonathan came up with an awesome idea for this flash video that Tom Ellsworth has produced (to be released in the near future).

Tom and I are currently putting together a eChristmas Card which plays the video. You will be able to select images and add your own personal message.

This is what is know as a viral campaign, and can make someone very well know. It can also be a huge flop, but aim high I say!

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I'm not sure what changed, but the 'All Videos' link on the top menu broke. Well it's fixed again, so if you tried it in the past and got a 404 error, try again now. No one emailed me about it, so I hope no one got the 404 error.

Video news, I'm still trying to convert a Flash file to MP4, and no one seems to be able to convert this specific file. At this rate it won't be able to go on the feed, which will be a big shame. Release date is currently sheduled for November 23rd, so check back then.

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Hey everyone, sorry the videos have not been coming out as frequent as before. I'm sure you all understand if I simply say 'Other commitments'

That said I have recently seen a video that has excited me, I believe it to be the best JoCo video yet, and the person who made it would like it on the Jonathan Coulton Project, so I am very happy....except their is one issue, it is currently a Flash video, and I need it to be a MP4 file. Any one out their know a good way to do this?

Email me if you do:

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Drag the icon in to your software (i.e. iTunes)




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