Now the UK tour is cancelled, I needed to find a link to replace it on the top menu (well I didn't have to), so I have created a page that lists all the Jonathan Coulton videos that I am aware of on the internet.

The page lists all the videos that aren't in the JoCo Project. If you want to list all the videos in the JoCo Project, you just press the Music Video link on the side bar.

If you know of any videos worth a mention on the page, just email me at

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Download: iPod WMV

Ruth has produced another video, this time it is Drive from Thing a Week 2 (from the website). Although, it is still on the Thing a Week One CD, which is a shame, as Ruth made this video to celebrate the release of Thing a Week Two on CD

This video is one for the guys.

Thanks Ruth once again.

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Ok, I know I said I'd probably make a video this weekend, but I haven't.

I have another video from Ruth, but I need to convert it to iPod format. The software I have is very random, and sometimes works on a video, and other times leaves a strange repeat of video at the end. When I converted this video, it was the worst for this issue so far. So I'm going to use google video to convert it.

Cross fingers it will be available tomorrow.

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Drag the icon in to your software (i.e. iTunes)




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