Today is a bad day if you are a Jonathan Coulton fan, Thing a Week has ended after 52 things. The last thing being a cover of two Queen songs, which I absolutly love!

Alas, there is more bad news for UK fans, the UK tour has been cancelled. Due to lack of bookings. I'm sorry, but no one is more upset at this than me.

I'll have to see if I can't make a video this weekend to cheer me up.

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Ruth has been busy, we now have another video, this time for My Monkey. It was also made with The Movies.

Ruth says she made this in aid of Jonathan Coultons new CD release of Thing a Week One. So we should all go buy it.

In my opinion this video is another great one.

I'm glad that Ruth sent me this video, as my week has been a little bees in a basket, and I haven't had a spare moment to make one my self.

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Second Life! I don't have time for my first life! Of course when I heard Jonathan Coulton was going to perform in Second Life, I made time.

The concert was a great experience, and Jonathan was awesome (what did you expect?)

I had hoped I could record the concert and release a video of it on the project, but I could figure out how to record the audio, and it was too late to use the seperate stream. And it was 3am UK time when Jonathan came on stage to perform.

If anyone puts a video together of one of the songs in the concert, I would love to put it on the podcast feed.

To see some pictures of the concert visit Flickr and search for Jonathan Coulton Second Life Concert

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I may be back from holiday, but I still have so much to do! So I was happy on my return to find in my inbox a video for When You Go made by Ruth Logie. And Ruth didn't take the easy option for making this video, no this video was made with The Movies.

So all you lucky people have another video! I loved the start of this video.

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Hi everyone, I'm back from my holiday, so hopefully things will return to normal in the near future.

There has been a lot of videos produced for Jonathan Coultons' songs recently, but one of my favourites was a flash video for Mr Fancy Pants, well the person that put that video together has released another video, this time for I'm Your Moon.

To check out these videos pop over to:

And I have a treat for everyone waiting on the next JoCoPro video, we have a new contributor! Once I sort out some technical issues with the iPod version of the file I will release it to the world!

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