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As mentioned in a previous post, I have been very busy recently, so I don't have time to make videos for a while, but Holger saves the day with a video for Curl!

This is the 3rd video from Holger, if he continues like this, he will have produced more than me...then I will have to hand over the project to him.

For everyone who doesn't like the literal interpretation of the words in the songs, I suggest you skip this one, but I like it.


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This is completly unrelated to Jonathan Coulton, but I don't care, you can just ignore it if you want.

This game is a bit of fun, and I had a hand (a very small one) in its' inception.

Kitchen Konudrum

Have fun, and remember to stop at some time.

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Len is the guy that does the visual thing a week on Jonathan Coultons' web site (and I used two of them in the Under The Pines video), well he made an alphabet made up of zombies, and someone else then made a site where you can type in anything and it writes it in zombies.

Zombie Letters from e-zombie.com

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I am sorry to say that my comming few weeks I am very busy, so I don't forsee that there will be any videos from me in the upcoming weeks. If I get any submissions from other people, I will still release these.

Don't panic, I will return in September.

In other news the Code Monky video has now been viewed about 3000 times, I am very happy with this, as this is considerably more than any of the other videos, so I guess I must have done something right, even if it was just pick an awesome song to do a video for!

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I was browsing You Tube and I found that there is a video for Jonathan Coulton's "I Feel Fantastic" made by Charles Numa.


He has attempted to do a single take lip sync video, which given the speed of the song, was an advantageous task, he hasn't quite pulled it off in my opinion, but I bet most of you couldn't do any better. It must have taken a long time to get that good.

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Welcome to everyone, but especially the people visiting after hearing my audio comment on the DSC 436.

The UK Tour link is at the top of the page, or you can email me at JonathanCoultonProject@gmail.com

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Download iPod WMV

This weeks video is Mandlebrot Set and was produced by Holger Baehren who produced the video for The Presidents.

Full Picture Credits:

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Some people comment on the videos on Jonathan Coulton's website, to view those go here.

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